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Product16 Gallon Price8 Gallon Price
Bud Light109.9974.99
Coors Light89.9974.99
Grain Belt Nordeast124.9979.99
Grain Belt Premium119.9974.99
Michelob Golden Light109.9974.99
Miller Genuine Draft119.99
Miller High Life99.99
Miller Lite119.9974.99
Summit Extra Pale Ale163.99105.99
Lift Bridge Root Beer89.9959.99
1919 Root Beer 102.9967.99

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*Metric Kegs: 20 liters are grouped with 5.2 gallons, 30 liters with 8 gallons, and 50 liters with 16 gallons. Marked with (m)
 16 Gallon8 Gallon5.2 Gallon
10 Barrel Apocalypse171.99
10 Barrel Code 24171.99
10 Barrel Joe IPA186.99
1919 Root Beer102.99$67.99
3 Sheeps Baaad Boy Black Wheat169.99$109.99
3 Sheeps Cashmere Hammer Nitro169.99
3 Sheeps First Kiss169.99
3 Sheeps Nimble Lips149.99
3 Sheeps Noble Tongue149.99
3 Sheeps Waterslides IPA169.99$109.99
612 Brew Cloud Wars164.9984.99
612 Brew Gateway164.9984.99
612 Brew Six164.9984.99
612 Brew Unrated174.9994.99
612 Brew The Outfit174.9994.99
Abita Andygator$114.99
Abita B.S. Choco Stout$183.99
Abita B.S. Coffee Stout$183.99
Abita B.S. Imperial Stout$183.99
Abita B.S. Old Fashion$183.99
Abita Barley Wine$114.99
Abita Big Easy143.99
Abita Macchiato$94.99
Abita Purple Haze143.99
Ace Space Cider216.99
Alaskan 16 Smoked Port213.99104.99
Alaskan Amber154.9980.99
Alaskan Hopothermia99.99
Alaskan Husky IPA154.9980.99
Alaskan IPA154.99
Alaskan Perseverance213.99
Alaskan White144.99
Alaskan Winter Ale154.99
Alpine Duet IPA229.99
Alpine Hoppy Birthday229.99
Alpine Pure Hoppiness253.99
Alpine Truck Trail179.99
Alpine Willy179.99
Alpine Windows Up IPA229.99
Amstel Light$149.99 (m)
Anchor Blackberry Daze183.99
Anchor Blood Orange Blonde143.99
Anchor Christmas Ale (NOV)183.99104.99
Anchor Go West IPA143.99
Anchor Mango Wheat143.99
Anchor Steam143.9992.99
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple159.9987.99
Angry Orchard Easy Apple159.99
Angry Orchard Edge Old Fashioned123.99
Angry Orchard Hop'n Mad159.99
Angry Orchard Stone Dry159.9987.99
Asahi$99.99 (m)
Avery Apricot Sour239.99
Avery Chai High Ale (FALL)109.99
Avery El Gose96.99
Avery Ellies Brown179.99
Avery Hog Heaven Imperial Red IPA129.99
Avery Lilikoi Kepolo254.99139.99
Avery Maharaja IPA144.99
Avery Out of Bounds96.99
Avery Raja129.99
Avery Raspberry Sour239.99
Avery Rumpkin (FALL)344.99
Avery Tangerine Quad239.99
Avery The Real Peel IPA109.99
Avery Tweak344.99
Avery Twenty Four Anniversary144.99
Avery Uncle Jacobs344.99
Avery Vanilla Bean Stout239.99
Avery White Rascal Belgian179.9996.99
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel$163.99
Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner$177.99 (m)
Ayinger Brau Weisse$177.99 (m)
Ayinger Celebration Dopplebock$163.99
Ayinger Maibock$163.99
Ayinger Octoberfest (AUG)$163.99
Bad Weather Hopcromancer93.99
Bad Weather Windvane159.9984.99
Badger Hill Found Stout87.99
Badger Hill High Road159.9987.99
Badger Hill Hop Hill153.99
Badger Hill Msb159.99
Badger Hill N-Traitor173.99
Badger Hill Traitor173.9993.99
Ballast Point Big Eye IPA183.99
Ballast Point Bonito Blonde173.99
Ballast Point California Amber173.9994.99
Ballast Point California Kolsch173.9994.99
Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA124.99
Ballast Point Dorado Watermelon124.99
Ballast Point Even Keel Mango183.99104.99
Ballast Point Grunion213.99
Ballast Point Indra Kunindra (FEB)104.99
Ballast Point Manta Ray223.99104.99
Ballast Point Orange Vanilla Fathom (JUL)183.99104.99
Ballast Point Red Velvet223.99
Ballast Point Sculpin Grapefruit IPA223.99104.99
Ballast Point Sculpin Habanero IPA104.99
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA223.99104.99
Ballast Point Sculpin Pineapple IPA223.99104.99
Ballast Point Sculpin Unfiltered223.99104.99
Ballast Point Sea Monster (FEB)104.99
Ballast Point Sea Rose Tart Wheat213.99
Ballast Point Tart Peach Kolsch183.99
Ballast Point Victory At Sea124.99
Ballast Point Victory At Sea Coconut124.99
Ballast Point Victory At Sea Peppermint124.99
Barley Johns 6 Knot174.9979.99
Barley Johns Old 8 Porter174.9979.99
Barley Johns Wild Brunette184.9984.99
Bass Pale Ale170.99
BauHaus Sky Five IPA173.9984.99
Bauhaus Stargrazer German Schwarzbier163.9979.99
Bauhaus Wagon Party Amber Lager163.9979.99
Bauhaus Wonderstuff Bohemian Pilsner163.9979.99
Becks Lager175.99
Belhaven Scott Ale182.99
Bells Oatsmobile165.99
Bells Two Hearted177.99$122.99
Benediktiner Hefeweiss$179.99 (m)
Bent Paddle Bent Hop193.99
Bent Paddle Blonde193.99
Bent Paddle Cold Press179.99
Bent Paddle DSDB159.99
Bent Paddle ESB193.99
Bent Paddle Harness IPA199.9994.99
Bent Paddle Hop Nitro164.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Bent Hop109.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Black Ale109.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Blonde109.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Cold Press Black204.99114.99
Bent Paddle Infusion ESB109.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Harness IPA111.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Roof Rack Lager109.99
Bent Paddle Infusion Venture Pilsner193.99109.99
Bent Paddle Nitro Black164.99
Bent Paddle Nitro Cold Press179.99
Bent Paddle Nitro ESB164.99
Bent Paddle R Rack Lager193.99
Bent Paddle Valve Jockey Oatmeal IPA94.99
Bent Paddle Vanilla Cold Press114.99
Big Sky Moose Drool158.99
Big Wood Amigo Grande160.99$104.99
Big Wood Bad Axe (JUL)$154.99
Big Wood Bark Bite154.99$99.99
Big Wood Fine IPA (MAR)169.99$119.99
Big Wood Jack Savage160.99$104.99
Big Wood Mai Big Bock (MAY)$119.99
Big Wood Morning Wood160.99$104.99
Big Wood Thrice Shy (JUL)$119.99
Blackeye Coldbrew119.99
Blackthorn Cider174.99
Blanche Bruxelle$197.99 (m)
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale156.9989.99
Blue Moon Cannamon Horchata156.99
Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin (AUG)156.99
Blue Moon Spring Seasonal (FEB)156.99
Blue Moon Summer Seasonal (APR)156.99
Blue Moon White IPA156.99
Blue Moon Winter Seasonal (NOV)156.99
Boddingtons Ale180.99
Boon Kriek$234.99 (m)
Boulder Hazed & Infused143.99
Boulder Mojo Nitro145.99
Boulder Shake Porter143.99
Boulevard American Kolsch151.99
Boulevard Collaboration #6133.99
Boulevard Collaboration #7 (OCT)104.99
Boulevard Funky Pumpkin (SEP)157.99
Boulevard Habiscus Gose85.99
Boulevard Imperial Stout X (OCT)133.99
Boulevard Jam Band133.99
Boulevard Lemon Ginger Radler157.99
Boulevard Noble Prize Imperial Pilsner104.99
Boulevard Orange Cran Radler85.99
Boulevard Saison Brett133.99
Boulevard Scotch On Scotch133.99
Boulevard Show Me Sour85.99
Boulevard Single Wide IPA151.99
Boulevard Snow and Tell (NOV)157.99
Boulevard Tank 7 Ale104.99
Boulevard Tell Tale Tart104.99
Boulevard The Calling IPA104.99
Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale157.99
Boulevard Wheat151.99
Brasserie D'Achouffe Houblon133.99
Brasserie D'Achouffe La Chouffe133.99
Brasserie D'Achouffe Mc Chouffe133.99
Brau Bros Moo Joo's Blood Orange90.99
Brau Bros Moo Joo's Red Velvet90.99
Brau Bros Moo Joo's S'more186.9990.99
Brau Bros MooJoo's Oat Milk Stout142.99
Brau Bros Old #56 Light102.99
Brau Bros Ring Neck Ale142.99
Brau Bros Sheep Head Ale142.99
Breckenridge American Ale153.99
Breckenridge Avalan Amber159.99
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour79.99
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout184.9996.99
Breckenridge Blast239.99
Brooklyn Brown Ale153.99
Brooklyn Kiwi's Playhouse173.99
Brooklyn Defender IPA153.99
Breckenridge East India Pale153.9979.99
Brooklyn Monster Ale103.99
Brooklyn Lager153.9979.99
Brooklyn Octoberfest (FALL)153.99
Breckenridge Mango Mosaic Pale Ale159.99
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace153.99
Brooklyn Pilsner153.99
Brooklyn Summer Ale (SUMMER)153.99
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter159.99
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Nitro164.99
Bud Light109.99$74.99
Busch Light89.99
Carlsberg$164.99 (m)
Carlsberg Lager154.99
Castle Danger 17-7 Pale Ale169.9987.99
Castle Danger Ale169.9987.99
Castle Danger Cream Ale169.9987.99
Castle Danger Double Crossing184.9994.99
Castle Danger George Hunter Stout184.9994.99
Castle Danger Russian Rye199.99104.99
Castle Danger White Pine IPA169.9987.99
Castle Danger Ode IPA169.9987.99
Chimay Cinq Cents White$234.99 (m)
Chimay Doree$223.99 (m)
Chimay Gr Res Blue$254.99 (m)
Chimay Prem Red$234.99 (m)
Ciderboys First Press158.99
Ciderboys Mad Bark158.99
Coedo Kyara194.99
Coedo Shikkoku194.99
Coedo Shiro Hefeweizen164.99
Coney Island Hard Root Beer181.99
Coors Light89.99$74.99
Corona Light154.99
Crispin Blackberry Pear169.99
Crispin Pacific Pear169.99
Crispin Cider Original169.9990.99
Czechvar Lager$179.99 (m)
Dark Horse Boffo Brown179.99104.99
Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA179.99104.99
Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA165.99
Dark Horse German Hobo122.99
Dark Horse High-C's Harvest Ale106.99
Dark Horse Rain in Blood Orange Pale Ale122.99
Dark Horse Raspberry179.99104.99
Dark Horse Scotty Karate179.99
Dark Horse Safety Meeting IPA309.99
Dark Horse Scotty Karate BBA174.99
Deschutes Black Butte Porter$139.99 (m)81.99
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA$169.99 (m)101.99
Deschutes Hop Henge$169.99 (m)
Deschutes Cultivateur173.99
Deschutes The Abyss$199.99
Deschutes Cream Ale Nitro$149.99 (m)
Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA (FALL)$139.99 (m)81.99
Deschutes Inversion IPA$139.99 (m)
Deschutes Jubel174.99
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale$139.99 (m)81.99
Deschutes Obsidian Nitro Stout$149.99 (m)
Deschutes Pacific Wonderland$139.99 (m)
Deschutes Pine Drops IPA$169.99 (m)
Deschutes Red Chair$139.99 (m)
Deschutes American Wheat$139.99 (m)81.99
Deschutes Red Chair Nitro$149.99 (m)
Destihl St Dekkera Zure Dubbele Stout199.99
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA213.99113.99
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA253.99133.99
Dogfish Head Alternate Take #4173.99
Dogfish Head Alternate Take #5173.99
Dogfish Head Beer to Drink Music (MAR)223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Burton Baton173.99
Dogfish Head Festina Peche (MAY)123.99
Dogfish Head Flesh and Blood223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Indian Brown213.99
Dogfish Head Liquid Truth Serum IPA (NOV)223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Midas Touch143.99
Dogfish Head Namaste213.99
Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron173.99
Dogfish Head Post Boil IPA (NOV)223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Punkin (AUG)223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Romantic Chemistry (MAY)223.99123.99
Dogfish Head Saison Du Buff (MAR)133.99
Dogfish Head Seaquench213.99113.99
Door County Aprocot Dude Ranch (APR)99.99
Door County Little Sister164.99
Door County Pallet Jack IPA164.99
Door County Pastoral164.99
Door County Polka King Porter164.99
Door County Punk Ass Cat (JUN)99.99
Door County Velvet Bulldozer (NOV)134.99
Dortmunder Actien Brauerei Lager144.99
Dos Equis Amber148.99$66.99 (m)
Dos Equis Special Lager148.99$66.99 (m)
DuPont Saison423.99
Duvel Single154.99
Einbeck Mai Urbock$149.99
Elysiand Bifrost Winter171.99
Elysiand Dk Moon Pump186.99
Elysiand Grt Pumpkin186.99
Elysiand Immortal IPA171.99
Elysiand Space Dust186.99
Elysiand Split Shot171.99
Empyrean Ba Mango169.99
Empyrean Ba N-Session Stt79.99
Empyrean Mango IPA159.99
Empyrean Pb Porter159.99
Epic Brainless Raspberry Nitro$160.99
Epic Bad Baptist$239.99
Epic Big Bad Baptista$254.99
Epic Elder Brett$229.99
Epic Hopulent IPA Nitro201.99
Epic Los Locos Mexican Lager (SUMMER)202.99
Epic Son of a Baptist$139.99
Epic Sour Apple Saison$161.99
Epic Tart N Juicy Sour IPA202.99
Erdinger Octoberfest (AUG)169.99
Excelsior Big Island154.9979.99
Excelsior Biscuit Pants169.99
Excelsior Bridge Jumper169.9984.99
Excelsior Brown154.9984.99
Excelsior Maple Bacon Stout174.99
Excelsior N-Brown154.99
Excelsior Ocktoberfest184.99
Excelsior Pale Ale154.9979.99
Finnegans Amber156.9977.99
Finnegans Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout (FALL)$168.99
Finnegans Freckled Rooster$168.99
Finnegans Hoppy Shepherd156.99
Flat Earth Angry Planet Pale Ale159.99$99.9977.99
Flat Earth Belgian Style Pale Ale159.99$99.9977.99
Flat Earth Bermuda Triangle Tripel234.99$144.99114.99
Flat Earth Black Helicopter Coffee Stout184.99$114.9989.99
Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter159.99$99.9977.99
Flat Earth Eastside Double IPA259.99$169.99134.99
Flat Earth Hep Cat Blonde Ale159.99$99.9977.99
Flat Earth Northwest Passage IPA159.99$99.9977.99
Flying Dog Bloodline Orange Ale199.99
Flying Dog Octoberfest (FALL)180.99
Flying Dog Bloodline Orange Ale Nitro199.99
Flying Dog Peach Cobbler Ale122.99
Flying Dog Double Dog Nitro122.99
Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine120.99
Flying Dog Ragin Bitch231.99
Flying Dog The Truth106.99
Fosters Lager137.99
Founders All Day IPA159.99
Founders Centennial IPA171.99
Founders Dirty Bastard171.99
Founders Nitro Rubaeus231.99
Founders Porter171.99
Founders Red Rye IPA171.99
Founding Fathers Amber125.99
Founding Fathers Light125.99
F-Town Brown Ale174.99$99.99
F-Town IPA174.99$99.99
F-Town Lager174.99$99.99
F-Town Red Ale174.99$99.99
Fuller Bengal IPA184.99 (m)
Fuller ESB Ale184.99 (m)
Fuller London Porter184.99 (m)
Fuller London Pride184.99 (m)
Fulton 300 IPA193.99$131.99
Fulton Lonely Blonde154.99$104.99
Fulton Ranger154.99
Fulton Standard Lager123.99
Fulton Sweet Child IPA154.99$104.99
Glueks Pilsner Pale Lager163.99
Goose Island 312 Wheat151.9980.99
Goose Island Experimental Ale151.99
Goose Island Four Star151.99
Goose Island Green Line151.9980.99
Goose Island Honker'S151.99
Goose Island India Pale151.9980.99
Goose Island Matilda130.99
Goose Island Sofie130.99
Goose Island The Illinois125.99
Grain Belt Blue (FALL)166.99
Grain Belt Nordeast124.99$79.99
Grain Belt Premium119.99$74.99
Grain Belt Premium Light119.99
Great Divide Barrel Aged Old Ruffian274.99
Great Divide Nadia Kali Hibiscus Siason (SUMMER)108.99
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA214.99
Great Divide Roadie Radler (SUMMER)169.99
Great Divide Colette Farmhouse169.99
Great Divide Titan IPA169.99
Great Divide Samurai Ale169.99
Great Divide Hop Disciples108.99
Great Divide Strawberry Rhubarb Sour274.99
Great Divide Velvet Yeti184.99
Great Divide Yeti Oatmeal (FALL)134.99
Great Divide Yeti Chocolate134.99
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout108.99
Great Divide Claymore Scotch169.99
Great Lakes Dortmund Gold164.99
Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber164.99
Great Lakes Fitz Porter164.9989.99
Great Lakes Turntable Pilsner164.99
Green Flash GFB Blonde Ale179.99
Green Flash Jibe179.99
Green Flash Le Freak259.99134.99
Green Flash Palate Wrecker260.99
Green Flash Passionfruit Kicker204.99
Green Flash Sea to Sea179.99
Green Flash Soul Style204.99113.99
Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style204.99
Green Flash West Coast IPA234.99128.99
Guiness Blonde Lager163.99
Guiness Draught182.99 (m)
Guiness Nitro IPA182.99 (m)
Gulden Draak258.99 (m)
Gulden Draak Nitro274.99 (m)
Gull Dam Hemp Pilsner174.9989.99
Gull Dam IPA174.9989.99
Gull Dam Raspberry Wheat174.9989.99
Gull Dam Scotch Ale174.9989.99
Hacker Pschorr Munich Dark$169.99 (m)
Hacker Pschorr Munich Gold$169.99 (m)
Hacker Pschorr Weisse$169.99 (m)
Hacker Pschorr Weisse Dark$169.99 (m)
Harp Lager$163.99 (m)
Harpoon Fresh Tracks$140.99 (m)
Harpoon Hoppy Adventure$179.99 (m)
Harpoon UFO Huckleberry$140.99 (m)
Harpoon UFO White$140.99 (m)
Harpoon UFO Cranberry (FALL)$140.99 (m)
Harpoon Flannel (FALL)$140.99 (m)
Harpoon IPA$140.99 (m)
Harpoon Winter Warmer$140.99 (m)
Heineken$154.99 (m)87.99 (m)
Hitachino Com209.99 (m)
Hitachino Ginger205.99 (m)
Hitachino Hinomaru Pepepr Ale209.99 (m)
Hitachino Nest Anbai259.99 (m)197.99 (m)
Hitachino Nest Dai-Dai IPA209.99 (m)
Hitachino White197.99 (m)
Hoegaarden White Ale182.99
Hofbrau Delicator174.99 (m)
Hofbrau Dunkel169.99 (m)
Hofbrau Hefeweizen169.99 (m)
Hofbrau Kellerbier174.99 (m)
Hofbrau Maibock174.99 (m)
Hofbrau Octoberfest169.99 (m)
Hofbrau Original169.99 (m)
Indeed B-Side Pilsner162.9991.99
Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale167.9994.99
Indeed Lucy Session Sour94.99
Indeed Derailed High ABV197.99110.99
Indeed Derailed Low ABV182.99104.99
Indeed Heliotropic523.99223.99
Indeed Let it Rid Peach Bum IPA182.99104.99
Indeed LSD197.99110.99
Indeed Mexican Honey (SUMMER)197.99110.99
Indeed Midnight Ryder Black IPA Nitro182.99104.99
Indeed Old Friend197.99110.99
Indeed Shenanigans167.9994.99
Indeed Stir Crazy167.9994.99
Indeed Yamma Jamma167.9994.99
Insight Banshee Cutter174.9989.99
Insight Dank Bot184.9994.99
Insight Devils Companion174.9989.99
Insight East vs West IPA209.99104.99
Insight Hell Chicken174.9989.99
Insight Sunken City174.9989.99
Insight Splendid Moose174.9989.99
Insight Troll Way174.9989.99
James Page Casper White Stout Nitro$92.99
Julian Cherry Cider149.99
Julian Harvest Apple119.99
Julian Pearanormal149.99
Kasteel Barista$269.99 (m)
Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale$163.99 (m)
Killians Irish Red140.99
Kokanee Lager122.99
Kona Big Wave159.99
Kona Big Wave84.99
Kona Fire Rock159.99
Kona Hana Islnd159.99
Kona Koko Brown169.99
Kona Longboard159.99
Konig Ludwig$173.99 (m)
Konig Ludwig Dunkel$173.99 (m)
Kostritzer Lager152.99
Kronenbourg 1664$154.99 (m)
Kronenbourg Blanc$123.99 (m)
La Trappe Isidor203.99
La Trappe Quad214.99
Labatt Blue119.99
Lagunitas Aunt Sally Sour168.99$128.99
Lagunitas IPA158.99$117.99
Lagunitas Lil Sumpin168.99
Lagunitas Pilsner158.99$117.99
Lakefront Peach Wheat84.99
Lakefront Clutch Cargo IPA (SUMMER)$117.99
Lakefront BBA Imperial Pumpkin (FALL)149.99
Lakefront Fuel Coffee160.99
Lakefront Riverwest (FALL)160.99
Lakefront Centennial164.99
Lakefront My Turn Michael (FALL)119.99
Lakefront Fixed Gear160.99
Lakefront Hop Jockey Double IPA116.99
Lakefront IPA160.9984.99
Lakefront Smash84.99
Lakefront Superior Kayak Kolsch158.99
Lakes & Legends Great Wit164.9994.99
Lakes & Legends Harmony Farm164.9994.99
Lakes & Legends Marigold184.99104.99
Lakes & Legends St Gail Rasp204.99114.99
Leffe Blonde Ale$140.99
Leffe Brown Ale$140.99
Left Hand Extrovert IPA204.99110.99
Left Hand MilkStout113.99
Left Hand Nitro MilkStout204.99
Left Hand SawTooth169.99
Leinenkugel 150 Anniversary Lager159.99 (m)
Leinenkugel Bavarian Dunkel159.99
Leinekugel Harvest Patch Shandy (FALL)159.99
Leinenkugel Helles Yeah159.99
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss159.9989.99
Leinenkugel Octoberfest (FALL)159.9989.99
Leinenkugel Original122.99
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy (SUMMER)159.9989.99
Leinenkugel India Pale Ale159.99
LiftBridge 15 Commander229.99
LiftBridge 16 Biscotti102.99
LiftBridge 16 Commander229.99
LiftBridge 16 Imperial Pumpkin229.99
LiftBridge Amber Mild160.9992.99
LiftBridge Chestnut Hill160.9992.99
LiftBridge Citra Kellerbier160.99
LiftBridge Farmgirl160.9992.99
LiftBridge Getaway Pil160.9992.99
LiftBridge Harvestor180.99102.99
LiftBridge Hop Dish180.99102.99
LiftBridge Root Beer89.9959.99
LiftBridge N-Black160.99
LiftBridge Warden Stout160.9992.99
Lindemans Framboise$224.99
Lindemans Peche$224.99
Loon Juice Ginger Mojito89.99
Loon Juice Grow A Pear89.99
Loon Juice Honey Crisp89.99
Loon Juice Strawberry Shandy89.99
Loon Juice Tea Time89.99
Lucette Farmer's Daughter Blonde Ale166.99
Lucette Harmonia IPA179.99
Magic Hat Electric Peel IPA153.99
Magic Hat #9 Pale Ale153.99
Magic Hat Stealin Time153.99
Mankato Brewery Leaf Raker Brown184.9989.99
Mankato Brewery Haymaker184.9989.99
Mankato Brewery Kato184.9989.99
Mankato Brewery Mad Butcher184.9989.99
Mankato Brewery Death Valley Red Ale184.9989.99
Makato Brewery German184.9989.99
Mankato Brewery Grinder Amber184.9989.99
Maredsous Brune220.99 (m)
Michelob Amber119.9966.99
Michelob Golden Light109.99$74.99
Michelob Ultra119.99
Miller Genuine Draft119.99
Miller High Life99.99
Miller Lite119.99$74.99
Milwaukee Hop Freak179.99$114.99
Milwaukee Louie's Demise149.99$94.99
Milwaukee Outboard149.99$94.99
Milwaukee Hop Happy149.99$94.99
Milwaukee Grapefruit IPA149.99$94.99
Milwaukee Brewing O-Gii179.99$114.99
Milwaukee Polish Moon Milk Stout149.99$94.99
Minnesota Harvest Semi Sweet203.99$123.99
Modelo Especial159.99$99.99
Modelo Negra159.99
Molson Canadian129.99
Moretti Lager126.99 (m)
Natural Light114.99
Nebraska Brewing Malange A Trois239.99
New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin (FALL)84.99
New Belgium Accumulation Winter Ale160.99
New Belgium Citradelic160.9984.99
New Belgium Clutch249.99
New Belgium Come Together Honey Wine132.99
New Belgium Fat Funk Ale174.9997.99
New Belgium Fat Tire Belgium White160.99
New Belgium Fat Tire160.9984.99
New Belgium Fat Wild Ale174.9997.99
New Belgium Hop Kitchen Bretta IPA174.9997.99
New Belgium Juicy Watermelon160.99
New Belgium la Folie 2017299.99179.99
New Belgium LOF Anne Francoise220.99
New Belgium LOF De Koninck113.99
New Belgium LOF Hof Ten Dormaal220.99113.99
New Belgium Reserve Sour Saison146.99
New Belgium Ranger IPA84.99
New Belgium Tart Lychee249.99
New Belgium Tartastic Sour Ale160.99
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale160.99
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Imp IPA174.99
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA160.9984.99
New Belgium Whizbang Hoppy Blonde160.99
New Belgium 1554160.9984.99
New Holland Dragons Milk294.99136.99
New Holland Hoptronix DIPA237.99132.99
New Holland Mad Hatter170.99
Newcastle Brown Ale159.9981.99 (m)
North Coast Old Rasputin201.99117.99 (m)
North Coast Old Stk Cellar Reserve Rye304.99 (m)
North Coast Puck Petite Saison109.99 (m)
North Coast Red Seal104.99 (m)
North Coast B Red Seal Nitro109.99 (m)
North Coast Brother Thelon139.99 (m)
North Coast Pranqster201.99119.99 (m)
North Coast Scrimshaw Pils183.99104.99 (m)
North Loop Air149.9974.99
North Loop Air Raspberry149.99
North Loop Duce184.99
North Loop Duo213.99125.99
North Loop Foto169.9984.99
North Loop Foto Fresh169.99
North Loop Goslar169.99
North Loop Hoppy Amer Wht169.99
North Loop Ora169.9984.99
NorthGate Bitter Fool British IPA174.9999.99
NorthGate Maggies Leap Nitro164.9993.99
NorthGate Stronghold164.9993.99
NorthGate Vienna164.99
NorthGate Walls End164.9993.99
Odell 90 Shill159.99
Odell Barrel Thief$204.99
Odell Brombeere253.99$154.99
Odell Cut-Nitro159.99
Odell Cutthroat159.99
Odell Easy Street159.99
Odell IPA179.99$113.99
Odell Jolly Russian$274.99
Odell Meddler Oud$219.99
Odell Myrcenary253.99
Odell Prop Culture$219.99
Odell Runoff159.99$103.99
Odell Treeshaker253.99$154.99
OdellRussian Pirate$274.99
Oharas Irish Pale184.99 (m)
Oharas Irish Stout184.99 (m)
Oharas Nitro Red184.99 (m)
Old Speckled Hen174.99 (m)
OmmeGang 3 Philosophers200.99
OmmeGang Farmhouse199.99117.99
OmmeGang GnomeGang117.99
OmmeGang Witte194.99
Oskar Blues Blk Mambasmidy123.99
Oskar Blues Dales Pale159.9989.99
Oskar Blues Death By Coconut123.99
Oskar Blues Deviant Dales123.99
Oskar Blues Fruitsman IPA123.99
Oskar Blues IPA179.99
Oskar Blues Mamas Little154.99
Oskar Blues Old Chub89.99
Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro179.99
Oskar Blues Priscilla159.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon98.99
Pacifico Lager154.99$99.99
Palm$170.99 (m)
Paulaner Hefeweizen$169.99 (m)
Paulaner Octoberfest$169.99 (m)
Paulaner Original Munich$169.99 (m)
Paulaner Pilsner$169.99 (m)
Paulaner Salvator$174.99 (m)
Pilsner Urquell$185.99 (m)
Piraat258.99 (m)
Point Amber122.99
Point Beyond the Pale IPA122.99
Point Onyx122.99
Point Pale122.99
Point Root Beer90.99
Point White122.99
Radeberger Pilsner164.99 (m)
Red Hook ESB152.99
Redds Apple Ale154.99
Reissdorf Koelsch202.99 (m)
Rhombus Guys ACT II IPA82.99
Rhombus Guys Into the Darkness140.99 (m)
Rhombus Guys Into the Darkness Nitro140.99 (m)
Rhombus Guys Invincible Pale140.99 (m)
Rodenbach194.99 (m)
Rodenbach Alexander244.99 (m)
Rodenbach Grand Cru223.99 (m)
Rogue Chocolate Stout199.99 (m)
Rogue Cold Brew IPA199.99 (m)
Rogue Dead Guy199.99 (m)
Rogue Farms 6 Hop IPA199.99 (m)
Rogue Hazelnut Brown199.99 (m)
Rogue Hazelutely Choctabulous199.99 (m)
Rogue Morimoto Soba199.99 (m)
Rush River BubbleJack IPA157.9986.99
Rush River Double Bouble194.99103.99
Rush River Scenic Pale157.99
Rush River Unforgiven Amber157.9986.99
Sam Adams Boston Lager159.9987.99
Sam Adams Chai IPA114.99
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat159.99
Sam Adams Cold Snap (JAN)159.9987.99
Sam Adams Desert Kaleidoscope IPA114.99
Sam Adams Double Bock114.99
Sam Adams Fresh as Helles (FEB)159.9987.99
Sam Adams Grapefruit IPA159.99
Sam Adams Grumpy Monk184.99114.99
Sam Adams Hopscape (DEC)159.9987.99
Sam Adams Longshot Barnstorm Saison114.99
Sam Adams Longshot Coffeehead Imperial Stout114.99
Sam Adams Longshot Wild Cherry114.99
Sam Adams Lychee Pear Apple114.99
Sam Adams Merry Maker (NOV)114.99
Sam Adams Mesquite BBQ Brown Ale114.99
Sam Adams New World Belgian139.99
Sam Adams Nitro Coffee Stout184.99
Sam Adams Octoberfest (SEP)159.9987.99
Sam Adams Porch Rocker Shandy (APR)96.99
Sam Adams Pumpkin (SEP)96.99
Sam Adams Rebel IPA159.9987.99
Sam Adams Rebel Juiced159.9987.99
Sam Adams Rebel Rouser114.99
Sam Adams Summer Ale (APR)159.9987.99
Sam Adams Three Ninety Bock114.99
Sam Adams Time Hopper Porter114.99
Sam Adams White Christmas Ale (NOV)159.99
Sam Adams Winter Lager (NOV)159.9987.99
Schell Alt158.99
Schell Amber135.99
Schell Dark158.99
Schell Deer119.99
Schell Firebrick158.9981.99
Schell Fort Road Helles158.99
Schell Hefeweizen (SUMMER)81.99
Schell Imperial Alt117.99
Schell Light119.99
Schell Octoberfest (FALL)158.9981.99
Schell Pilsner158.99
Schell Red Sangria Lager (SUMMER)164.99
Schofferhofer Grapefruit$169.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Basil Mint (APR)$204.99 (m)$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Berry (JUN)$204.99 (m)$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Dry$173.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Gin Botanical$204.99 (m)$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Gose$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Gravenstein Rose$172.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Imperial Honey$124.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Oaked Maple (DEC)$204.99 (m)$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Perry$172.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Pumpkin Spiced (SEP)$204.99 (m)$114.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Semi-Sweet$173.99 (m)
Seattle Cider Washington Heirloom$172.99 (m)
Shiner Holiday Cheer$97.99
Shiner Strawberry Blonde146.99
Shiner Octoberfest (FALL)$97.99
Shiner Bock146.99$97.99
Shiner Premium$97.99
Shipyard Seadog Blueberry179.99
Shock Top132.99
Shock Top Ruby Fresh72.99
Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Golden IPA (JAN)163.9985.99
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Bar Wine (DEC)129.99
Sierra Nevada Celebration (NOV)163.9985.99
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter163.99
Sierra Nevada Hoptimum (JAN)129.99
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis163.99
Sierra Nevada Narwhal (OCT)129.99
Sierra Nevada Nooner163.99
Sierra Nevada Octoberfest (AUG)163.99
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose163.99
Sierra Nevada Ovila Belgian White179.99107.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale163.9985.99
Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale163.9985.99
Sierra Nevada Summer Fest (APR)163.99
Sierra Nevada Torpedo163.99
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA85.99
Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo (MAR)163.9985.99
Smith & Forge Hard Cider87.99
Smithwicks163.99 (m)
Sociable Cider Freewheeler179.99$109.99
Sociable Cider Hop A Wheelie179.99$109.99
Sociable Cider Rusty Chain179.99$109.99
Sociable Cider Spoke Wrench179.99$109.99
Sociable Cider Burn Out179.99$109.99
Sociable Cider Training Wheels179.99$109.99
Square Mile Cider Original156.99
Square Mile Cider Spur&Vine156.99
Staropramen Pilsner159.99
Stella Artois185.99$99.99 (m)
Stella Artois Cidre157.99
Stiegl Goldbrau190.99 (m)
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler190.99 (m)
Stiegl Zitrone190.99 (m)
Stiegl Pilsner190.99 (m)
Stone 12 Bit Choc Oat Stout149.99
Stone 13 Vertical Epic259.99
Stone 14 Imperial Russian Stout149.99
Stone 14 Og149.99
Stone 15 Imperial Russian Stout149.99
Stone 15 Imperial Russian Stout Chai149.99
Stone 15 Og133.99
Stone 15 Og Dry Hop Yr133.99
Stone 15 Vertical Epic149.99
Stone 16 Dbl Bast149.99
Stone 16 Imperial Russian149.99
Stone 16 Lucky Bast149.99
Stone 16 Og149.99
Stone 2.0 Ruination273.99118.99
Stone 2.2.2 V. Epic149.99
Stone Americano149.99
Stone Arrogant Bastard200.99
Stone Double Bast273.99149.99
Stone Give Me IPA149.99
Stone IPA186.99
Stone Master Disg149.99
Stone Mutt Brown169.99
Stone Pataskala186.99
Stone Port Chipotle133.99
Stone Ripper186.99
Stone Saison Du Buff118.99
Strongbow Gold Apple139.99 (m)80.99 (m)
Summit Double IPA113.99
Summit English-Style Barleywine Ale109.99
Summit Extra Pale Ale163.99$105.9984.99
Summit Horizon Red IPA163.99
Summit India Black Ale88.99
Summit Oatmeal Stout163.9984.99
Summit Pilsener163.9984.99
Summit Porter163.9984.99
Summit Saga IPA163.9984.99
Summit True Brit IPA84.99
Summit Unchained #24 Spring Saison175.9988.99
Summit Winter84.99
Sunner Kolsch$153.99
Surly Bender149.9976.99
Surly Coffee Bender194.9999.99
Surly Cynic159.9980.99
Surly Furious163.9980.99
Surly Hell123.9976.99
Surly Overrated80.99
Take 16 Country Mile179.9994.99
Take 16 Hayloft Hefe179.99
Take 16 Kick The Can179.99
Take 16 Spin Bottle PA179.99
Tall Glass Bs Vanilla174.99
Tall Glass Buffalo154.9987.99
Tall Glass King Buffalo114.99
Tall Glass Sweet Tooth154.99154.99
Tall Glass Zombie Monkey174.9987.99
Tecate Light129.99
Tennents Scotish Lager$161.99 (m)
Third Sreet Minnesota Gold119.9959.99
Third Street 3 Way Pale Ale159.9984.99
Third Street Kegle Brau144.9984.99
Third Street Cool Beans124.99
Third Street Free Speech159.9989.99
Third Street Hop Life IPA159.9989.99
Third Street Lost Trout Brown Ale159.9989.99
Third Street Minnesota Gold Light119.9959.99
Third Street Hunny Do159.9989.99
Third Street Sanity Break159.9989.99
Tin Whiskers Daisy Chain Saison189.99$107.9979.99
Tin Whiskers Dynamo Imperial Orange324.99$174.99129.99
Tin Whiskers Flipswitch IPA179.99$102.9975.99
Tin Whiskers Short Circuit Stout169.99$96.9972.99
Tin Whiskers Watts Wheat Wine (JUN-AUG)224.99$124.99112.99
Tin Whiskers Wheatstone Bridge174.99$99.9974.99
Traveler Aloha (JAN-MAR)159.9987.99
Traveler Curious (JAN-JUL)159.9987.99
Traveler Illusive159.9987.99
Traveler Jack O Shandy (AUG-OCT)159.9987.99
Traveler Jolly (NOV-DEC)159.9987.99
Tripel Karmeliet423.99201.99
Tyranena BGW Devil Made215.99
Tyranena Rockys Rev174.99
Tyranena Sheepshagger Scotch Ale174.99
Uinta Baba Black Lager173.99
Uinta Detour Double IPA103.99
Uinta Dubhe Imp Black IPA103.99
Uinta Hop Nosh173.99
Uinta Hop Nosh Tangerine173.99
Uinta Ready Set Gose173.99
Utepils Alt169.9989.99
Utepils Heffe169.9989.99
Utepils IPA169.9989.99
Utepils Kolsch169.9989.99
Utepils Pilsner169.9989.99
Vanderghinste Bruin221.99
Veteran Blonde Bomber164.99
Veteran Freedom Road164.99
Veteran Hooyah IPA164.99
Victory Gold Monkey214.99
Victory Prima Pilsner169.99
Victory Sour Monkey113.99
Warsteiner$169.99 (m)
Warsteiner Braumeister$169.99 (m)
Warsteiner Dunkel$169.99 (m)
Warsteiner Octoberfest$169.99 (m)
Warsteiner Winter Lager$169.99 (m)
Weihenstephan Hefe$177.99 (m)
Wells Banana Bread$144.99 (m)
Wetten Deliria$199.99 (m)
Wetten Delirium Argentum$199.99 (m)
Wetten Delirium Noel$239.99 (m)
Wetten Delirium Red$253.99 (m)
Wetten Delirium Tremens423.99$204.99 (m)
Wetten Gouden Car Cuvee Kaizer Blauw$298.99 (m)
Wetten Straffe Hendrik Quadruppel$219.99 (m)
Wetten Straffeh Triple$214.99 (m)
Widmer Brrr154.99
Widmer Craftylicious123.99
Widmer Hefeizen154.99
William Tell Blueberry Zin Hard Cider$114.99 (m)
William Tell Pinot Grigio Hard Cider$114.99 (m)
Wittekerke$200.99 (m)
Wyndfall Homesteader253.99$153.99
Yellow Belly Cider Oak Barrel Aged$184.99
Yellow Belly Cider Hard Ginger$174.99
Yellow Belly Cider Lemon Basil$174.99
Yellow Belly Cider Cayenne$174.99
Yellow Belly Cider Hard Apple$174.99
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout$180.99 (m)
Schneider Weiss$193.99 (m)
Ale Asylum Ambergeddon173.9996.99
Ale Asylum Hopalicious173.9996.99
Ale Asylum Madtown173.9996.99
Ale Asylum Nutbrown173.9996.99
Ale Asylum Hush Money198.99108.99
Ale Asylum Velveteen Habit198.99108.99
Beaver Island Ripple174.99109.99
Beaver Island 39 Red IPA174.99109.99
Beaver Island Sweet Mississippi174.99109.99
Beaver Island Revival IPA174.99109.99
Beaver Island Mai Bock174.99109.99
Beaver Island Crosby Pils & Mash174.99109.99
Beaver Island Tribute Session IPA174.99109.99
Beaver Island Collective Unconscious174.99109.99
Beaver Island Union Suit174.99109.99
Beaver Island Tip Up174.99109.99
Chapel Black IPA169.99
Chapel Blonde Ale89.99
Chapel Oatmeal Stout169.99
Chapel Brown Ale89.99
Chapel Imperial Stout123.99
Chapel Sour Belgian Quad123.99
City Lights Mosaic Pale Ale164.9989.99
City Lights IPA164.9989.99
City Lights Coconut Porter164.9989.99
City Lights Seasonal194.99109.99
Fair State Pilsner174.9994.99
Fair State Vienna Lager169.9994.99
Fair State Roselle194.99104.99
Fair State IPA174.9994.99
Fair State Coconut Porter
Fair State Saison Drei194.99104.99
Fair State Dorado Gold104.99
Waconia 90K IPA189.9994.99
Waconia CC Kolsch169.9984.99
Waconia Wheat169.9984.99
Waconia Chocolate Peanutbutter Porter189.9994.99
Urban Forage Cider Semi Sweet Apple144.99
Urban Forage Gin Botanical Cider144.99
Urban Forage Semi Sweet Mead144.99

1919 Root Beer

A Minnesota Classic, Fresh On Tap Ready For You To Bring Home!

12 oz Glass$0.99
1 Quart$3.99
1/2 Gallon$5.99
1/2 Gallon Reusable Growler$3.99
1/2 Gallon Growler Refill$4.99
1 Gallon$9.99
1.32 Gallon disposable Pony Keg$21.99
8 Gallon Keg$67.99
16 Gallon Keg$102.99

Lift Bridge Root Beer

Another Minnesota Favorite From Stillwater

8 Gallon Keg$59.99
16 Gallon Keg$89.99


You're going to love this- standard equipment is completely free! Deposit money is fully refunded when equipment is returned. Cash or credit only- needs to be same credit card upon return. Please bring back everything within a week.

Free Standard Equipment: Keg $30 Tap 40$ Tub $15

Party Equipment Rentals

Keep For 2-4 Days! No Extra Charges Or Hidden Fee’s! Deposit Is Fully Refunded Once Returned. Must Purchase A Keg From Us To Rent.

Rental ItemPriceCO2Deposit
Draft Box$24.99Included$400
Super Cooler$14.99$150
1919 Rootbeer Stand$24.99Included$150
Jagermeister Machine$19.99 OR FREE With Purchase of 3L of Jag$200
Portable Outdoor Bar$39.99+ $19.99 Delivery And Pick Up FeeIncluded$400

Frequently Asked Questions

Kegs will stay good for only a few days if kept cold, the taste gradually changes each day it is exposed to air.

Make sure you tap the keg only when being served and keep it iced well. Remove the tap when not in use and do not over pump the keg, it will only add more air in it. We strongly recommend using CO2 for kegs being used more than 2 days, we supply a full tank of CO2 with our draft box rentals.

A full-sized keg weighs about 160 IBS, we will always load the keg ourselves in your vehicle, but be careful when you unload it at home.

A 16 Gallon Keg serves 240 servings, based on 12oz. glasses including 3oz. of foam and is equal to 7 cases of beer. A 8 Gallon Keg serves 120 servings, based on 12oz. glasses including 3oz. of foam and is equal to 3 1/2 cases of beer. A 5 Gallon Keg serves 70 servings, based on 12oz. glasses with 3oz. of foam and is equal to 2 1/2 cases of beer.

Its natural for a beer keg to foam a little, especially once tapped, but there’s important steps to prevent it. Make sure you only pump the keg as needed and make sure the keg is always cold, even before tapping it. Lastly, when pouring tilt each glass and if need when you first tap the keg, a pitcher can come in handy for settling temporary foam.

Keep it cool or your keg will foam!! We sell custom 35IB bags of ice to make it simple and less expensive.